Posted on 12/26/2017 in Understand the Quran

Light and Forgiveness in the Quran

Just like Allah has given us instructions to lead our lives in the Quran he in His beauty and amazingness has also told us a lot about the light to follow in our lives and how if we fail to follow the light of Allah he forgives. Forgiveness is one of the most beautiful attributes of Allah mentioned in the Quran, so much so that He has asked us to show that attribute to our fellow human beings as well.

Allah has said in the Quran about us ourselves and what we should seek from Him. he has said “Our lord, perfect for us our light and forgive us. Indeed, you are over all things competent.” (66:8) . this verse is a beautiful reflection of not only what Allah wants for us but also what WE ourselves should want from Allah. It speaks of two things and Allah has put across that so beautifully. It speaks of us asking Allah to follow the light. What is light? Light is faith. Light is the way of Allah. Light is the path your follow that makes you a Muslim worthy of entering Jannah. And hence we ask Allah for that light. We ask Him because we know that He alone has the power to grant us the ability to go on the right path, towards that light and hence avoid hell, Jahannum. And Allah, again and again, in His words of the Quran asks us to follow that light. This is because Allah says Himself in the Quran that He loves his creation, He loves us and hence wants us to avoid the fire of hell. And for that He wants us to ask Him. Ask him to take us to His path, the right path.

Allah also speaks of Forgiveness in the ayah so beautifully. He acknowledges that we as humans will make mistakes. We will falter and we will sometimes be betrayed by our senses and listen to the shaitaan. But He also says that He will forgive. Because He is the All-Forgiver. The way He forgives, no one else can. He, who loves us more than 70 mothers put together, HE will forgive us. And not just once. He will forgive us again and again and again.

His attribute of forgiveness is one that we should seek to achieve. We as humans find it hard to forgive people for little wrongs they have done to us. How then does Allah forgive huge blunders on the part of His creation? He forgives because his creation ASKS for forgiveness. They get guilty, and realize that they have done wrong. And Allah in his lovingness, forgives. Allah has mentioned light and forgiveness in the Quran side by side so that we as Muslims know that we should follow the right path to get the light of Allah but sometimes if we fail to do so and falter, Allah wants us to remember that we will also receive His forgiveness. Let us still continue tp try our best to be the best Muslims. May Allah’s light shine on us always.