Posted on 6/12/2017 in Understand the Quran

Calling on Allah in the Quran

“Call on me, I will answer you. (40:60)”

The verse above is a powerful one for when Allah asks us to call onto him, He in the same phrase says that He WILL respond to us. He WILL answer us. He WILL help us out. That is the power in the belief of dua and that is what Allah means when he says this in the Quran.

No dua is ever meaningless. Allah has asked us to keep asking Him for what we desire for it is only He who can provide to us, no one else. That is why for Allah the best thing is for his creation to keep asking him for blessings and never get tired of doing so.

There is a saying that when you want to talk to Allah, you should pray salah and recite dua and when you want Allah to talk to you, you should read the Quran.  And the Quran very clearly tells all of us to call on Allah at all times.

Calling on Allah does not only mean reciting dua when we are in need and miseries. Calling on Allah also means to do so when we have been given a blessing. If Allah has made us happy we should call on Allah and tell Him Subhanawataala how immensely grateful we are. For Allah has asked us to be grateful of all that we have and not to be arrogant. In the same way when we are afflicted with a misery Allah has asked us to call on him so that He may help. Allah says in the Quran “Remember me and I will remember you.” How many of us remember Allah till we have are surrounded by a problem? Hardly any. Yet Allah is all forgiving and All merciful. He yet again asks us to call on Him

In the Quran Allah has given us proof of Him answering to us when we call on him. He has told us how immensely close He is to us. Allah says: “And We have already created man and know what his soul whispers to him, and We are closer to him than [his] jugular vein” (50:16). Allah has said he is closer than a man’s jugular vein because that is the vein that is in the neck and hence closer to a human but Allah is closer to us than even that, then why do we not call on Him, make dua to Him and ask him for what we desire?

It is only when we have complete faith in the Being of Allah is when we will believe that He can do anything.  When we believe that what Allah gives us is for our benefit and what he does not give us is ALSO for our benefit, that is when our faith is actually complete. What Allah has given to us NOONE can take away and what Allah has chosen NOT to give us no one can give us that. He is the Planner. He is the allocator and He is the Sustainer. So call out to Him and see your prayers being answered. See the magic that you will experience when you call out to Him. And disappointment will never touch your life. This is Allah’s promise and He subhanwataala keeps His promises.