Posted on 1/14/2016 in Quran, the Healer of Hearts

Quran, the Healer of Hearts

Allah has made the human heart as a very important organ but its survival is a very complicated question. That is because Allah has made the heart as the centre of all feeling and emotion and it is through the heart that a person’s personality and everything else in their life is judged and comprehended. The Quran mentions the heart in numerous places in the Quran because Allah has asked His believers to turn to the Quran to give the heart its REAL nourishment.

In this world, this life, everyone goes through troubles and joy. When we are in trouble we feel that our heart has broken. But that is not true. What has happened is not that our heart has broken, rather it has not received that nourishment which it requires, which Allah made it to GET, and which we have failed to provide it; the remembrance of Allah, the recitation of the Quran, the understanding of the book of Allah. For it is the QURAN that has the power to let all problems go away, to mend hearts to heal hearts.

Allah has mentioned this phenomenon in various places in the Quran. He says "We have sent down in the Quran that which is healing and a mercy to those who believe" (Surat Al-Isra: 17:82). What more proof do we need from Allah that the Quran is one of the most important sources of fulfilling the heart?

So accept it, heal your heart with the Quran! There are a number of different healings that Quran can provide; the healing from problems, the spiritual healing and reminder of your Islamic faith and the physical healing as a medicine for illnesses. Here we talk about all those sorts of healing. Surely Allah has testified in the Quran "If God touches thee with an affliction, no one can remove it but He" (Surat Al-'An`am: 6:17).

Noone! How beautiful is this world of Allah that He tells us to remember Him for He alone can help us out of the affliction. How beautiful is Allah who is telling us in the Quran to feed the heart with faith, the word of Allah so that it gets it complete nourishment and gives you joy, happiness, patience, love, hence strengthening it beyond measure? Just as a child is fed with healthy foods when he is young and that strengthens their bones, in the same way Allah is asking us to read the Quran, learn it, understand it so that it strengthens and in turn heals the heart, brings it back to its actual state, the one that was before worldly things plagued it. The Quran is, in other words, the perfect medicine, that which doesn’t have an expiry date and that which can cure the biggest of illnesses,

The Prophet Mohammad too, said about the remembrance of Allah in this regard "There is a polish for everything that removes the rust and the polish for the rust-of- heart is the dhikr (remembrance) of God." (PBUH).

So embrace the Quran as a healer of your heart and watch it make miracles in your life!