Posted on 12/29/2017 in Understand the Quran

Allah as a Forgiver in the Quran

Allah has asked us in numerous places to show forgiveness to the people who do us wrong. Allah has asked us not to take things to heart and forgive soon for not only will it end animosity but it will also give you yourself peace of mind and make you live with love and harmony. We as Muslims should forgive, just like The Prophet Mohammad PBUH forgave the woman who used to throw garbage on him every morning. And just like he also forgave the people who threw stones at him and ridiculed him everyday. The Prophet Mohammad forgave such serious wrongs done to him. So must we not forgive small wrongs done to us?

But Allah also talks about how He Himself forgives. Allah talks about how we as humans do so much wrong but Allah is always there for us, forgiving us again and again and again. We hit our sibling, Allah forgives us. We make them trip on purpose while playing, Allah forgives us. We miss a compulsory prayer, Allah forgives us. Allah banished Iblees from His word because he failed to do ONE sajdah. Allah forgives us when we fail to do 20 sajdahs in a day! How forgiving is Allah? Indeed there is no one as Forgiving as Him.

Allah says in the Quran to overlook peoples faults and help them be better humans. He says “And let them pardon and overlook. Would you not like that Allah should forgive you? And Allah is Forgiving and Merciful (An-Nur – 22). Allah asks us, that would it not be amazing for us if Allah forgave ALL our sins and we get a clean slate? Start from scratch? Be pure? We would love it wouldn’t we?

Allah tells us that if He likes He can forgive ALL our sins in an instant and we can start over, like a baby born. If He can do that, then we can certainly overlook a few mistakes made by our fellow Muslims can’t we? Allah is the most amazing Forgiver, and He has said so Himself in the Quran. Now it’s up to us. Are we going to ask Him for that forgiveness or are we going to continue to move towards despair. The choice is ours.