Distribution of Water

Bukhari :: Book 3 :: Volume 40 :: Hadith 546

Narrated 'Abdullah (bin Mas'ud):

The Prophet said, "Whoever takes a false oath to deprive somebody of his property will meet Allah while He will be angry with him." Allah revealed: 'Verily those who purchase a little gain at the cost of Allah's covenant, and their oaths.' ........(3.77)

Al-Ash'ath came (to the place where 'Abdullah was narrating) and said, "What has Abu 'Abdur-Rahman (i.e. Abdullah) been telling you? This verse was revealed concerning me. I had a well in the land of a cousin of mine. The Prophet asked me to bring witnesses (to confirm my claim). I said, 'I don't have witnesses.' He said, 'Let the defendant take an oath then.' I said, 'O Allah's Apostle! He will take a (false) oath immediately.' Then the Prophet mentioned the above narration and Allah revealed the verse to confirm what he had said." (See Hadith No. 692)

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