Bukhari :: Book 7 :: Volume 72 :: Hadith 736

Narrated Um Khalid bint Khalid:

Some clothes were presented to Allah's Apostle as a gift and there was a black Khamisa with it. The Prophet asked (his companions), "To whom do you suggest we give this Khamisa?" The people kept quiet. Then he said, "Bring me Um Khalid," So I was brought to him and he dressed me with it with his own hands and said twice, "May you live so long that you will wear out many garments." He then started looking at the embroidery of that Khamisa and said, "O Um Khalid! This is Sana!" (Sana in Ethiopian language means beautiful.) Ishaq, a sub-narrator, said: A woman of my family had told me that she had seen the Khamisa worn by Um Khalid.

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