The Book of Zakat (Kitab Al-Zakat)

Muslim :: Book 5 : Hadith 2176

Ahnaf b. Qais reported: I came to Medina and when I was in the company of the grandees of Quraish a man with a crude body and an uncouth face wearing coarse clothes came there. He stood up before them and said: Give glad tidings to those whom who amass riches of the stones which would be heated in the Fire of Hell, and would be placed at the tick of the chest till it would project from the shoulder bone and would he put on the shoulder bone till it would project from the tick of his chest, and it (this stone) would continue passing and repassing (from one side to the other). He (the narrator) said: Then people hung their heads and I saw none among them giving any answer. He then returned and I followed him till he sat near a pillar. I said: I find that these (people) disliked what you said to them and they do not understand anything. My friend Abu'l-Qasim (Muhammad) (may peace he upon him) called me and I responded to him, and he said: Do you see Uhud? I saw the sun (shining) on me and I thought that he would send me on an errand for him. So I said: I see it. Upon this he said: Nothing would delight me more than this that I should have gold like it (equal to the bulk of Uhud), and I should spend it all except three dinars. (How sad it is) that they hoard worldly riches, and they know nothing. I said: What about you and your brothers Quraish? You do not go to thein for any need and do not accept anything from them. He said: By Allah, I neither beg anything from them (from worldly goods), nor do I ask them anything about religion till I meet my Allah and His Messenger.

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