Posted on 6/12/2017 in Understand the Quran

Importance of Prayer in Mosques in the Quran

Prayer 5 times a day is compulsory for all Muslims. However praying in a mosque is not compulsory but highly recommended for all Muslims (except on Friday, when it is compulsory for men to go to the mosque and pray). The importance of praying in mosques is highlighted in the Quran along with the importance of the prayer itself and doing so attains Allah’s good pleasure for the Muslims.  The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said that anyone who makes a mosque this world Allah will make a house for him in Paradise. So the Quran and Hadith both emphasize on this fact.

It is mentioned in the Quran about praying the mosque "And who are more unjust than those who prevent the name of Allah from being mentioned in His mosques and strive toward their destruction. It is not for them to enter them except in fear. For them in this world is disgrace, and they will have in the Hereafter a great punishment.” -Surah Al-Baqarah (114). Allah has said that only those Muslims should enter the mosque and pray to Him who are fearful of Him and the Hereafter which makes complete sense as only those pray who have the fear of the Hereafter. The people who want to go to heaven will pray.

Allah has explained the prayer in the mosque in great detail in the Quran so that it benefits all Muslims. One of the ayahs about entering the mosque to pray is ”...but before entering the mosque, they make ablution, washing their faces, hands and feet... "O you who believe! When you rise up to prayer, wash your faces and your hands as far as the elbows, and wipe your heads, and wash your feet to the ankles."-(Quran 5:7)

Another verse of the Quran explains the importance and the way of praying in the mosque:

...the faithful come to the mosque and take off their shoes so that they may enter the house of worship in bare feet... "When he came to the Fire, a voice was uttered: O Moses! I am thy Lord, therefore put off thy shoes, for thou art in the sacred valley of Tuwa."-(Quran 20:11-12).

The commandments for praying in the mosque are almost similar than those to pray at home or at work, but the reward is 23 times better and to pray in the Kaaah, the House of Allah, the reward is 100000 times better. The same apply to men and women, both are allowed to enter the mosque to pray. So even though the Holy Prophet (PBUH) has said “The world, the whole of it, is a Mosque.” And Allah has said “Wherever you turn, there is the face of God. ” (2: 115Q.)we must remember that the greatest reward is praying in the mosque.