Posted on 3/30/2018 in Salah

Importance of Salah

The most important part of Islam after tawheed (belief in oneness of Allah) and risalat (messengership) is salah


Posted on 2/13/2018 in Understand the Quran

Quran and the mention of Water

Water is that ingredient made by Allah that is absolutely essential for survival and hence he has mentioned it in the Quran numerous times. Without water none of his creation can survive, be it humans, animals of plants.


Posted on 2/8/2018 in Understand the Quran

Fate in the Quran

Fate in the Quran is mentioned in a number of different ways with Allah telling us that He has decided our path and also with Him telling us that we are to strive to go towards His path and until we ourselves do not make an effort to change our circumstances Allah will not change them for us.


Posted on 12/29/2017 in Understand the Quran

Allah as a Forgiver in the Quran

Allah has asked us in numerous places to show forgiveness to the people who do us wrong. Allah has asked us not to take things to heart and forgive soon for not only will it end animosity but it will also give you yourself peace of mind and make you live with love and harmony.


Posted on 12/28/2017 in Understand the Quran

Promises and their Fulfillment in the Quran

With Allah telling us how to lead our lives in the Quran in such minute detail one important aspect of living our lives is in keeping promises. Promises that Allah’s creation makes with other creations. Allah, too, makes promises but Allah’s promises in the Quran are extremely different from the promises that we make as Muslims to each other. Allah’s promises never break!