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Fate in the Quran

Fate in the Quran is mentioned in a number of different ways with Allah telling us that He has decided our path and also with Him telling us that we are to strive to go towards His path and until we ourselves do not make an effort to change our circumstances Allah will not change them for us.


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Allah as a Forgiver in the Quran

Allah has asked us in numerous places to show forgiveness to the people who do us wrong. Allah has asked us not to take things to heart and forgive soon for not only will it end animosity but it will also give you yourself peace of mind and make you live with love and harmony.


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Promises and their Fulfillment in the Quran

With Allah telling us how to lead our lives in the Quran in such minute detail one important aspect of living our lives is in keeping promises. Promises that Allah’s creation makes with other creations. Allah, too, makes promises but Allah’s promises in the Quran are extremely different from the promises that we make as Muslims to each other. Allah’s promises never break!


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Light and Forgiveness in the Quran

Just like Allah has given us instructions to lead our lives in the Quran he in His beauty and amazingness has also told us a lot about the light to follow in our lives and how if we fail to follow the light of Allah he forgives.


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Day and Night in the Quran

One of the most important and talked about things by Allah in the Quran is the matters of the universe, the solar system, the sun and the moon so that people understand the world that they see around them and appreciate the science behind everything.


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Survival and Food in the Quran

The Quran is a complete source of guidance for all Muslims not only in the matters of the how we live our lives but also about what we eat and drink. Allah has mentioned in the Quran specific things that we as Muslims should eat and other things that we should stay away from. The Quran hence gives us a comprehensive set of rules to do so.


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Justice in the Quran

Allah has spoken in the Quran about almost all things in the world and given us a complete guidance on how to live our lives by following the principles of the Quran. Whether it be love, marriage, charity, relatives, neighbours, your family and other things like theft, honesty and justice. Justice is a term that Allah has mentioned numerous times in the Quran because he Himself is the most just Being ever. Allah shows us justice and will continue to show us justice till we reach our final destination, either heaven or hell. Allah says again and again in the Quran to be just in our dealings with people, parents, friends and all other circumstances and never ever to rob a person of their rights. This is because when Allah’s creation is just Allah will reciprocate the deeds of the person.


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The Sun and Light in the Quran

The Quran has numerous miracles and one of the most amazing ones is the mention of the Sun, the Moon and the Lights all made by Allah. Allah has given us numerous blessings and night and day is one of the blessings that stand out the most. All of it is mentioned in the Quran in Allah’s words so that we can pay heed and take note and learn about the circle of this world so that we may follow the right path.


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Virtue of Patience in the Quran

The above verse is just one verse of the Holy Quran telling the believers about the virtue of patience. But this is not all. There are 90 times that Allah has mentioned the attribute of patience in the Quran. Ninety times! Allah has repeated patience again and again in the Quran, because that is the virtue that will take you closer to Allah and eventually towards the path of success. And indeed Allah knows all that is important for us and our Hereafter.


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