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Day and Night in the Quran

One of the most important and talked about things by Allah in the Quran is the matters of the universe, the solar system, the sun and the moon so that people understand the world that they see around them and appreciate the science behind everything.


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Survival and Food in the Quran

The Quran is a complete source of guidance for all Muslims not only in the matters of the how we live our lives but also about what we eat and drink. Allah has mentioned in the Quran specific things that we as Muslims should eat and other things that we should stay away from. The Quran hence gives us a comprehensive set of rules to do so.


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Justice in the Quran

Allah has spoken in the Quran about almost all things in the world and given us a complete guidance on how to live our lives by following the principles of the Quran. Whether it be love, marriage, charity, relatives, neighbours, your family and other things like theft, honesty and justice. Justice is a term that Allah has mentioned numerous times in the Quran because he Himself is the most just Being ever. Allah shows us justice and will continue to show us justice till we reach our final destination, either heaven or hell. Allah says again and again in the Quran to be just in our dealings with people, parents, friends and all other circumstances and never ever to rob a person of their rights. This is because when Allah’s creation is just Allah will reciprocate the deeds of the person.


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The Sun and Light in the Quran

The Quran has numerous miracles and one of the most amazing ones is the mention of the Sun, the Moon and the Lights all made by Allah. Allah has given us numerous blessings and night and day is one of the blessings that stand out the most. All of it is mentioned in the Quran in Allah’s words so that we can pay heed and take note and learn about the circle of this world so that we may follow the right path.


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Virtue of Patience in the Quran

The above verse is just one verse of the Holy Quran telling the believers about the virtue of patience. But this is not all. There are 90 times that Allah has mentioned the attribute of patience in the Quran. Ninety times! Allah has repeated patience again and again in the Quran, because that is the virtue that will take you closer to Allah and eventually towards the path of success. And indeed Allah knows all that is important for us and our Hereafter.


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Understanding the Quran

We Muslims, once we reach the age of 4, our parents send us off to learn to read the Quran irrespective of whether we understand the Arabic scripture or not, we have to learn how to read it. This is the lone purpose.


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The Quran and its comparison with Poetry

During the life of the Prophet (PBUH) there were many accusations made that the Quran was poetry. The Prophet was accused of forging it and presenting it to the people so that they may believe him. This went on for a long time during the time that the Holy Prophet was bringing people towards Islam. He came about the topic of discussion of the Quran being compared to poetry.


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The importance of listening to the Holy Quran

The Quran was brought down upon the Holy Prophet (PBUH) in parts and not in whole. The intention of Allah in doing so was to make the Holy Prophet (PBUH) recite it in small portions to his followers and them to listen to it and absorb it in small portions. As they absorbed the portions of the Quran while they listened their faith in Allah and the last Prophet became stronger. And thus they followed Islam and became pure Muslims in every sense.


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Quran - A cure for all illnesses

The last miracle, the book that was brought down on the Prophet (PBUH), the Quran, is not just a guidance for humanity in their lives, it is also a complete cure for everything. A cure for illnesses, a cure for diseases, and indeed a cure for bad hearts and souls.


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Preservation of the Quran

The entire Quran was revealed to the Prophet (PBUH) in his lifetime. The period of revelation was 23 years, up to just a few days before the Prophet (PBUH) passed away. However, the Prophet realized the importance of the preservation of the words of Allah during his lifetime and took active measures to ensure that these divine words were preserved for his upcoming generations, which he called Ummah.


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