Posted on 9/21/2023 in Salah

The Essence of Salah (Prayer)

Salah, often referred to as prayer, is a fundamental pillar of Islam and plays a central role in the lives of Muslims worldwide. Beyond its ritualistic significance, Salah is a profound spiritual practice that fosters a deep connection between individuals and their Creator. This article explores the essence of Salah, its significance, and its transformative power in the lives of Muslims.


Posted on 7/11/2019 in Salah

Jummah Prayer

There is great importance of Jummah prayer for the Muslims. It is considered as one of the significant days when all the Muslims stop their work and do special preparations for Jummah prayer


Posted on 3/30/2018 in Salah

Importance of Salah

The most important part of Islam after tawheed (belief in oneness of Allah) and risalat (messengership) is salah