Misconceptions about Islam

Top 5 misconceptions about Islam

Islam is a beautiful religion that is widely practiced by millions of people around the world. At its core, Islam emphasizes the importance of compassion, kindness, and social justice, which are all central values that guide the lives of Muslims. The teachings of Islam also emphasize the importance of education, personal responsibility, and self-discipline, which are all traits that help individuals to lead successful and fulfilling lives. Islam is a religion that encourages individuals to strive for personal and societal excellence, and its beauty lies in its ability to promote love, peace, and harmony amongst people of all backgrounds and beliefs.

Islam is currently portrayed in the media as the most intolerant religion. The people who are unaware about this religion will keep hating it until they are informed the truth that Islam is the most acceptable religion and the perfect way of life.

People who don’t have Islamic knowledge are those who carry several misconceptions towards Islam. Following are some common misconceptions considering the religion “Islam”:

Muslims says Pork is Haram for no Reason

Pork is forbidden by God. Even in the bible, there are several references where swine meat is prohibited. Apart from this there are 70 diseases associated with swine meat; amongst them the most dangerous is tapeworm for which there is no cure. It also harms and damages human organs permanently. Even if a pig is raised on farm and its meat is cooked at high temperature with full perfection, these types of germs never die.

In Chapter 2, verse 173, the Quran states:

"He has only forbidden to you dead animals, blood, the flesh of swine, and that which has been dedicated to other than Allah. But whoever is forced [by necessity], neither desiring [it] nor transgressing [its limit], there is no sin upon him. Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful [2:173]."

While there are health concerns associated with consuming pork, such as the potential transmission of diseases and parasites. Moreover, pig is a shameless animal because it eats human excreta. Therefore the people who eat this animal are also shameless.

Going Around the Kabah Is Idol Worship.

Islam is the only religion that actively opposes the worship of idols. Muslims only worship Allah not Kabah, circumambulating the Kabah Muslims chant: La Illa Ha Ill-lal-lah. (There is no object worthy of worship but Allah).

Muslims pray together as a community under the Kabah. If Muslims prayed in any direction they choose, it would be chaotic. Many people also claim that Muslims are idol worshippers because they kiss the black rock at Kabah. Muslims do only because they witnessed the prophet (S.A.W) doing it. This black stone is powerless as it can’t harm anyone nor benefit someone.

Furthermore, in past the call to prayer was given by standing on the top of Kabah. If Muslims were idol worshippers, would they stand on top of their idol and call everyone to pray? Does a Christian or Hindu stand on the top of their idol and call others to worship?

During the Tawaf ritual, Muslims walk counter-clockwise around the Kaaba seven times while reciting prayers and supplications. The Tawaf is a symbolic act of unity and devotion to Allah, as Muslims from all over the world, regardless of their nationality or ethnicity, come together to perform the same ritual around the same sacred structure. The Kaaba is therefore a central symbol of the only ‘unity’ of the Muslim community and its devotion to Allah.

Men have more rights than women

The misconception that men have more rights over women in Islam is a result of a misinterpretation of some Quranic verses and Hadiths (sayings and actions of Prophet Muhammad). In fact, Islam teaches that men and women are equal in their fundamental human dignity and worth, and both are entitled to the same rights and responsibilities.

While it is true that there are some gender-specific rights and responsibilities in Islam, they are based on differences in physical and biological makeup rather than any inherent superiority of one gender over the other. For example, in Islamic law, men are generally considered responsible for providing for the financial needs of their families, while women are responsible for the care of children and the household. However, these gender-specific roles do not imply any inherent superiority of one gender over the other.

Furthermore, the Quran and the Hadiths emphasize the importance of treating women with respect, kindness, and fairness. The Quran explicitly prohibits any form of physical or emotional abuse towards women, and it encourages men to be compassionate and just towards their wives. Prophet Muhammad himself also demonstrated a high level of respect and consideration towards women, and he spoke out against any mistreatment or injustice towards them.

Unfortunately, the misconception that men have more rights over women in Islam has been perpetuated by cultural practices and attitudes in some Muslim-majority societies. These practices are not rooted in Islamic teachings but rather reflect social and cultural norms that have developed over time. It is important to distinguish between the cultural practices and attitudes that may discriminate against women and the true teachings of Islam, which emphasize equality and respect for all people, regardless of gender.

Islam is violent and spread its word by Sword

There is nothing far from the truth. There were Islamic traders who served as outstanding role models in the spread of Islam. The author of the book “Islam at crossroads” says that belief is a myth. Look at the population of Coptic Christians in Egypt. The total is 14 million. Why couldn’t the Arabs have wiped them out or forced them to convert to Islam?

Consider India, in the past 10000 years that the Muslims ruled over the subcontinent, anyone may have been forcefully converted to Islam. How can anyone explain that there are 800 million Hindus still in India? Which Muslim army travelled to Malaysia and Indonesia to convert them?

Every individual accepted Islam because of the good behavior of the Muslim traders. It is the sword of the intellect that converts people.

Capital Punishment is Barbaric.

Islam mandates the capital punishment for some crimes for example rape, murder, etc. This is to protect society against criminals and anti-social elements.

Every day, there are 2713 rapes in the USA. Islam imposes the death sentence as the punishment so that the criminals can’t repeat this act and also to teach lesson to others.

This punishment is considered severe by Americans. According to them a rapist should be sent to jail after his first rape. If a criminal commits another rape after his release then it’s ok to put him to the death.

Statistics in the USA shows that 95% of rapists rape again after being released from prison. Islam prevents this second rape by announcing strict punishments. Islam is not strict religion; however, at some places

Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about Islam that are widely held, and it is important to address and correct them. These misconceptions often stem from a lack of knowledge and understanding of the true teachings of Islam and are perpetuated by negative media coverage and stereotypes.

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