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The Word Allah

Word Allah is the nounal term used for the Lord of this universe. The word is being used for many years, even the disbelievers of Arab were also aware of the word 'Allah'


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Hazrat Marium (A.S)

Hazrat Marium (A.S) was the daughter of Hazrat Imran and Hannah Bint e Faqud, and belongs to the generation of Hazrat Dawood (A.S). Mother of Hazrat Marium (A.S), vowed that she will devote her child in the service of Allah and so she did.


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The Leadership Of Bani Israel

Israel means "Abdullah" which means 'The Servant of God'. It is the title of Hazrat Yaqoob (Jacob) which was granted him by Allah. He was the son of Hazrat Isaac and the grandson of Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S). His generation is known as 'Bani Isra'il'


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Importance of Salah

The most important part of Islam after tawheed (belief in oneness of Allah) and risalat (messengership) is salah


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Quran and the mention of Water

Water is that ingredient made by Allah that is absolutely essential for survival and hence he has mentioned it in the Quran numerous times. Without water none of his creation can survive, be it humans, animals of plants.