What is Time in Islam

Time plays a very important role in our lives. It has started from our very first day in this world and would never stop even for a second until our last moments in this world. In the whole life cycle time flows like running water, we could not pause or reverse it. Past, present, future all depends upon time. If we have good memories in past it is just because of quality time which we valued at that moment. We should know the worth of time because every passing second, minute, hour, if passed not comes back at any cost.

Importance of Time in Islam

Allah mentions the importance of time in Surah Adh-Dhariyat that time is limited for us. We should not waste time in useless things rather than we should spend time in worship of Allah. Usually we forget to fulfill the purpose of life and then claim that we do not have enough time for prayers.

“I have not created any of the jinn and men to serve me, for Allah is the one who gives (all) sustenance, the Lord of the Lord. Power which is unshakeable forever.” [Quran, 51: 56-58]

Time is all about Priorities

We heard in our daily routine that for some people time is too short and for some it is difficult to pass. Some are satisfied with their time while others busy in searching different tricks to save time. Time is fixed for all of us; it is never too long or too short? Actually we do what is prior for us not what we need to do. It is on our priorities that how we send our time and what we get later.

Allah says in Surah Al-Asr that if we would be successful then our first priority should be Allah’s commands and righteous deeds.

“By the time, in fact, humanity is in the loss, except those who have believed and performed righteous deeds and are mutually advised to patients”. [Quran, 103: 1-3]

Time Decides Success or Failure in Future

Future is the result of how we have spent our time in past. Allah advice in Surah Mohammad that time is precious therefore make your deeds valuable which benefits you. Avoid to waste time in worthless activities.

“O you who believe, obey Allah, and write to the messenger, and do not make your deeds valueless!” [Quran, 47:33]

Time is the Blessing given by Allah

Our Prophet Hazrat Mohammad said that time is one of the blessings given by Allah. Hence, we should take advantage out of time before it passes and nothing there would nothing left in our hands except regret and grief. Years have fixed months, months have fixed days, days have fixed hours and so on, it means that in terms of time Allah gives equal opportunity to all. Then why some people are successful while others complaining about the shortage of time. Because some people do not understand that time is the blessing and they waste it in useless things.

Hazrat Mohammad(PBUH) stated in one of his Hadith that:

“Take advantage of five questions before five other questions: your youth before you get old; your health before getting sick; your wealth before becoming poor; your free time before you become preoccupied, and your life, before your death” [Musnad Imam Ahmad]

It is concluded that time is very important and precious, if we waste time then there would come time when time itself spoils us. Time is never short or long, it is all about the management of time and our priorities. Allah gives us equal opportunity to take benefit out of time as much as we could. Those who do not understand the valve of time will be definitely in trouble in future and then they would always complain about the shortage of time.