Posted on 4/13/2021 in Ramadan

Healthy Diet Tips During Ramadan

The Month of Blessings

The holy month and the most awaited month of the year is just around the corner and we all Muslims are very excited for Ramadan. This is a feeling that will resonate in the homes of Muslims all over the world. Beautiful tents showing a sumptuous array of dates, fruits, sweets, and typical Ramadan cuisine in a range of shades and hues adorn homes, malls, and many famous places in the city during Ramadan.

And, amidst the shrouding atmosphere of affection, comfort, and kindness that surrounds the Iftar tables darkened by colorful Ramadan lights, there will still be an element of uniqueness based on the individual behaviors and specifics that vary from country to country and house to house.

Diet Practice during Ramadan

In Ramadan there is an ample of time we keep our stomachs empty, thus it is very important to take care of a balanced and healthy diet. Mostly people eat junk food and fried items in iftar but this is a quite unhealthy practice. Hence, we need to take better care of our health and we should know that how much calories and nutrition we are taking each day.

Healthy tips during Ramadan

Following are some healthy tips we Muslims can follow to have a healthy Ramadan:

• From Iftar to Suhour, drink 8 glasses of water to avoid dehydration as well as issues like constipation.

• To get enough mental and physical support, we should at least sleep for 6-8 hours per day. If we don't get enough sleep, we will be exhausted throughout the day, which means we could be less productive and active. And we should stay active to perform worship with active and healthy brains.

• Have a well-balanced Iftar that includes dates, broth, salad, a main course, fruits, and a light Ramadan sweet.

• Take a walk or engage in some kind of physical activity.

• Suhour can provide you with energy while also assisting in the regulation of your blood sugar.

Unhealthy tips during Ramadan

Following are some unhealthy habits which we should avoid during Ramadan:

• If we don't want to be thirsty during the day, we should not drink too much water at night. This can result in stomach pains.

• We should not eat a large variety of meals at night or even during Suhour, particularly high-fat foods, in the hopes of staving off feelings of hunger throughout the day.

• If we are having Iftar, we should not eat a lot of food because you'll be too loaded and our diet will get disturbed.

• We should stop eating a lot of appetizers and candy, as this will cause us to gain weight.

Importance of Good Diet

Proper diet and good nutrition is very much vital for the healthy body along with healthy brains. When we take care of our diet and when we take healthy diet then our immune system will get stronger enough to fight with variety of diseases. Thus, we should limit our diet to fats, sugar, and oily food. We all are hoping for the healthy Ramadan, InshaAllah.