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teaching children lessons of sacrifice

Duty of Parents

As a parent, it is a long-lasting duty to make sure that your family is strong and united. The leadership part that you play is the most important to teach and help your children to understand noteworthy values of life.

Qurbani is the most key thing to educate your children about, in order to raise their realization of the act of giving. Sacrificing livestock has real meaning in Islam as the qurbani of Prophet Ibrahim this is the main reason behind Qurbani.

Lesson of Equality

This act is a symbolisation of equality in the company of all Muslims. The qurbani meat is divided into three equal parts; one part for our self, one for our relatives and one for needy people.

It teaches our children the valuable act of giving and shows them that everyone in this world is equal. Many people among us are unable to afford good meat; thus this event gave them the chance to enjoy the food that they often eat for granted.

Lesson of Sacrifice

The word Qurbani means ‘sacrifice’ and it is presented as a powerful reminder to children that anything that is valuable can be sacrificed. The animals that are subject to sacrifice are cared for and looked after and seen as precious and major assets.

Just like Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) sacrificed a ram in obedience to Allah SWT, we do this act to indicate our enthusiasm and commitment. It is a fine way to teach our children about the realities and worth of life. Instructing children is the major thing that sacrifice is the sense of purpose and the genuineness of that act.

Lesson of Respect

The sacrifice that we perform signifies a willing obedience towards our Creator that is Allah. Moreover, it establishes worship and respect to our children’s life values and helps them to grow up and understanding their religious obligations. Qurbani shows that loyalty is what we have for our Creator.

Lesson of the Natural Ecosystem

Nowadays, it is possible that our children could grow up having meat and never literally see from where the meat is coming, because this generation usually go for prepared meats, fast food etc. Today modern society has taken away the lessons of the natural ecosystem for our children and this, in turn, takes away their chance to feel pity for all sentient being.

The age group that is growing up having meat in the form of a fast food burger will likely never have the idea of what it really means when an animal gives up its life just for the sake of becoming our food. The act of sacrifice can teach our children not to take certain benefit for granted and to value the process of how food literally comes to our table in the first place.

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