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Dua Is a Part of Faith

Dua is an important part of faith in Islam. Dua is a means of communication between creatures with his Creator. It strengthens the bond of people and their Lord, also brings hope and trust in Allah. There is a special emphasis on dua in Muslim spirituality and early Muslims took great care to record the supplications of Muhammad and his family and transmit them to subsequent generations.

Anas (R.A) reported that Allah’s Messenger visited a person from amongst the Muslims in order to inquire (about his health) who had grown feeble like the chicken. Allah's Messenger said: Did you supplicate for anything or beg of Him about that? He said: Yes. I used to utter (these words): Impose punishment upon me earlier in this world, what Thou art going to impose upon me in the Hereafter. Thereupon Allah's Messenger said: Hallowed be Allah, you have neither the power nor forbearance to take upon yourself (the burden of His Punishment). Why did you not say this: O Allah, grant us good in the world and good in the Hereafter, and save us from the torment of Fire. He (the Holy Prophet) made this supplication (for him) and he was all right. [Sahih Muslim]

Dua is a source of keeping the supplicant closer to the Almighty Allah and it turns the people to their Master in both happiness and sadness. When a person is sad he must ask for the things he needs to his Lord “Allah” and his sadness will turn into peace, whether if the asked thing is good for his fortune or not. If the thing which person has asked Allah to provide him is good for the person then Allah will provide him in the best ways which indeed He knows, and if the thing is not good for the person then Allah knows better what to provide as a substitute. However, in both situations a person will be satisfied by Allah with the best which he deserves and ultimately the sadness will turn into peace.

Allah says in Quran in Surah Al-Baqarah, verse 186:

“And when My servants ask you, (O Muhammad), concerning Me - indeed I am near. I respond to the invocation of the supplicant when he calls upon Me. So let them respond to Me (by obedience) and believe in Me that they may be (rightly) guided”. [2:186]

Allah is saying in this verse that I am listening to people in every moment and they should make dua at anytime, anywhere, there is no fixed time or place to make Dua. We must try to stay connected with Allah and to make dua in every situation because it can change our destiny, our situations, and circumstances.

Signs of true worship are that a person accepts the power and authority of his Creator, a person accepts his weaknesses in front of Him, and he never becomes arrogant or proud, this all happens when a Muslim makes the ‘Dua’.

Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) said,

“The most excellent worship is Dua.” (Sahih Al-Jami)

Dua itself is a very beautiful conversation between Allah and His servants. It is the most, liberating, empowering, and transforming conversation a person can ever have with his Lord. The moment a Muslim raises his hand in front of Allah and asked for His mercy and forgiveness, is one of the most divine moments. Throughout the Quran, our Lord encourages the believers to call on Him. Allah says in the Quran in Surah Ghafir, verse 60:

And your Lord says, "Call upon Me; I will respond to you." [40:60]

Muslims are not only supposed to make dua for themselves but they should also pray for their parents, siblings, spouses ,children, relatives, friends, and most importantly struggling Muslim brothers around the globe. As Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) said,

“The Dua of a Muslim for his brother (in Islam) in his absence is readily accepted. An angel is appointed to his side. Whenever he makes a beneficial Dua for his brother the appointed angel says, ‘Ameen. And may you also be blessed with the same.'” (Sahih Muslim)

Hence, we should not be concerned with our needs only; rather we must pay attention what our Muslim brothers need. We as Muslim should try our best to provide the needed things to the Muslim brothers, whatever Allah has given to us. And we should make a thanking dua to Allah that He has given us things which can help people around. If even we cannot pay the needy ones because we are not able to, then we can make a dua for our Muslim brothers that may Allah give them what they need. Indeed! Allah accepts dua in the best ways which He knows and we do not know. We should trust Him and we will be at ease no matter what.

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