Posted on 6/11/2017 in Quran, the Healer of Hearts

The Quran helping in crying out for help from Allah

The Quran, the miracle of Allah in the form of a book is the most beautiful thing that could ever happen to mankind. And when we say “mankind” we mean the entire creation of Allah. For the Quran has revelations and commandments to spend your entire life according to it and finally achieve the Hereafter. Reciting the Quran has a number of benefits of physical, religious and spiritual nature and perhaps the most beautiful gift the recitation of the Quran can give you is the ability to talk to Allah, the creator of the heavens and the earth, and feel that you are talking to a friend.

When a person pours out their heart to a friend or tells them their problems one day, the friend will listen to them patiently. The next day when the person continues to tell the friend their problems, hey might get a little impatient. And the third day the friend may just bluntly tell the person that they are not interested. That they have enough problems of their own. And that’s when that person’s heart will break. But by reading the Quran there is no heart break, SubhanAllah. When you’re reading the Quran you’re not telling the creation of Allah your problem. When reading the Quran you are telling THE CREATOR your problem. THE Creator who will NEVER get tired of your cries for help. Your Creator who will give listen to you, and relieve you of your difficulties and take you to the right path. HE is the ONEwho will never leave your side but rather guide you to a path where your heart will not be broken. Indeed that path is towards HIM SubhanAllah. And you will reach that path by reading the Quran when you’re going through tough times.

Allah says in the Quran: "Indeed the Quran guides to that which is most suitable and gives good tidings to the believers who do righteous deeds that they will have a great reward." [Quran: 17:9]

It is just so simple. When you read the Quran with understanding you KNOW that there is a Supreme Power who has made you, who CAN and who WILL intervene and fix your problems. That realization can only come crashing down to you when you read the word of Allah. Just take ONE simple ayat of Surah Rahman for example:

” Which then, of the favours of your Lord will you twain deny?”

Such a small yet such a powerful ayat Alhamdullilah that tells mankind while they are reading it that He is in control. That he is, day and night, giving your favours, making your life easy, giving you difficulties but with purpose. So Read. Read and understand what the purpose of all this is. Indeed, the purpose of the Divine Book is to bring us back to Allah Subhanwataala and attain Jannah, for that is what we have been made to strive for. Read the Quran and read the signs, and cry out to Allah for help by letting His words in the Quran overpower you,  for Only HE can help you, indeed.