Posted on 2/13/2018 in Understand the Quran

Quran and the mention of Water

Water is that ingredient made by Allah that is absolutely essential for survival and hence he has mentioned it in the Quran numerous times. Without water none of his creation can survive, be it humans, animals of plants. Allah has talked of water falling from the sky as one of the most pure things in this world. He has said in the Quran: “And it is He who sends the winds as good tidings before His mercy, and we send down from the sky pure water.”

There are many uses of water that Allah has himself mentioned in the Quran apart from it being the crux for survival. Water is used for medication purposes and to give life to barren ground. Allah has said in the Quran that “We sent down water from the sky, blessed water whereby We caused to grow gardens, grains for harvest, tall palm-trees with their spathes, piled one above the other – sustenance for (Our) servants. Therewith We gave (new) life to a dead land. So will be the emergence (from the tombs).” [Quran 50:9-11]

The mention of water in the Quran by Allah is not only to tell us that it is essential for our survival but rather it is a sign for us of the power of Allah as well. Allah has said repeatedly in the Quran that just like he can pour down water from the skies and make a barren land grow plants, in the same way he can change the circumstances of our lives in an instant and with complete power. He can raise the dead on the Day of Judgment and He can create a fly as well as a human out of nothing. The importance of creating water and telling us that He provides us with it as a survival ingredient shows the power and supremacy of Allah.

Just like Allah has provided us with water to live , He has said in the Quran that he also has the power to withdraw it as said in the ayah below. “We sent down water from the sky in measure and lodged itin the ground. And We certainly are able to withdraw it. Therewith for you We gave rise to gardens of palm-trees and vineyards where for you are abundant fruits and of them you eat.” [Quran 23: 18-19]

Hence Allah has mentioned water in abundance in the Quran and also provided us with the same. Water is a blessing and we as Muslims must appreciate this blessing of Allah. Everything that Allah mentions in the Quran has a reason and presents us with a guidance of how to live our lives. Water is not only mentioned in the Quran as a necessity but also as a sign and we should see and appreciate it.