Posted on 12/24/2018 in Understand the Quran

The Leadership Of Bani Israel

Israel means "Abdullah" which means  'The Servant of God'. It is the title of Hazrat Yaqoob (Jacob) which was granted him by Allah. He was the son of Hazrat Isaac and the grandson of Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S). His generation is known as 'Bani Isra'il'.

There are two prominent descendants from the family tree of Hazrat Israel. One was the bloodline of Hazrat Ismail who dwelled in Arab. Second is from the ancestry of Hazrat Issac, from which Hazrat Yaqoob (A.S), Hazrat Yousuf, Hazrat Mosa (A.S), Hazrat Dawood (A.S), Hazrat Suleman (A.S), Hazrat Yahya (A.S) and many other Prophets belong. Hazrat Israel is the title given to Hazrat Yaqoob (A.S), that's why his generation is famous by the name 'Bani Isra'il'. Usually, people associate the history of Bani Isra'il with Hazrat Mosa (A.S).

Whereas the Quran says in Surah Maida verse:20
“Recall) when Musa said to his people, “O my people, remember the blessing of Allah upon you when He made prophets from among you, made you kings and gave you what He did not give to anyone in the worlds. (20) ”

that the real palmy days of Bani Isra'il starts with the era of Hazrat Yusuf (A.S), before the era of Hazrat Mosa (A.S). Bani Isra'il is one of the prominent nations in the history of Islam which includes the eras of Hazrat Yusuf (A.S), Hazrat Daud (A.S), Hazrat Suleman (A.S), and Hazrat Mosa (A.S).

After leaving Nassar, people of Bani Isra'il dwelled on the land of Palestine. Hazrat Mosa (A.S) left Nassar and moved towards Mount Sinai along with Bani Isra'il and stayed there for more than a year, where various commandments were given to Hazrat Mosa by God. Then Hazrat Mosa (A.S) was asked to take Bani Isra'il and move towards Palestine and conquer it. Hazrat Mosa did the same but Bani Isra'il refused to go to Palestine and then Allah made them homeless for 40 years. Hazrat Haroon (A.S) died when these 40 years were about to complete, he died on Mount Hoor. And Hazrat Mosa (A.S) took his last breath on the mount of Abarim.

Then their first Caliph Hazrat Posha (A.S) crossed the Jordan River from East and conquered the Aryha city. This was the first city of Palestine which was occupied by Bani Isra'il.

Due to the continuous failures and violations of divine orders, leadership was taken by Bani Isra'il and given to Bani Isma'il. And Makkah was declared as the Qibla instead of Al Aqsa Mosque. They were also given the responsibility to guide the mankind.